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Where smart shoppers become satisfied customers

Wall Art Plateau Modern Etched Metal Blc/Red


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Hand Painted Epoxy Coated Etched Metal -- Plateau

Measurements: 25" x 50"

Art has always been about exploration and the pushing of boundaries. Sometimes, the medium itself
has to change, breaking away from the traditional canvas and experimenting with new ideas. This can
even mean resurrecting old ideas, such as sculpture, re-presented in a way that�s perfect for the home.
Arte De Metallo pieces are part wall art, part metal sculpture. Each one is comprised of a complex
framework of metal shapes with the framework itself comprising much of the image and contributing
to the complexity of the piece. Metals lend themselves surprisingly well to artwork, as they can be
shaped, moulded and bent in many ways, modelled as wire or as solid blocks, then painted or embellished
These works enjoy a special texture thanks to the way they are raised and extruded from the wall,
adding an almost tactile layer to the enjoyment of observing them. The metallic nature of these items
also allows for interesting visual qualities, such as shining surfaces.